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About Us

Skillstay is our way of sharing the world we live in by creating a community of travellers and hosts. We believe that the world is a better place for meeting interesting people and exchanging experiences and cultures.

There are many ways to travel in your city, your country and your world. Many of these require a lot of money.
We aim to achieve all this without the exchange of money. It is a mutually beneficial and rewarding exchange.


We believe that most people have valuable work and personal skills and experiences to share. These skills and time can be exchanged for a place to stay.
The idea of exchanging is not new. The traditional way of commerce was through bartering and exchanging. Our modern world is becoming so busy, yet there is a solid movement away from this towards sharing. 
Voluntary simplicity, slow food and life movement, home-exchanging, couchsurfing, petsitting and bartering is becoming more common.
We aim to match time-rich, skill-rich people with time-poor people who have a spare room.
Typically a time-rich person is a student, retireee, life-changer, world traveller, artist, musician, semi-retired or volunteer. These people have valuable skills in many fields, both technical and artistically.
A time-poor person is typically someone with a family, extended family including elderly parents, busy career professional, self-employed with a busy work and or social life. These people often have comfortable homes with extra space.
The time-rich person can help the time-poor person with their help and skills and the time-rich person often has their own home with extra space they don't use.
We aim to match these people together to help out both parties. Not only does the time-poor person get help, they meet interesting people and have a great experience. The time-rich person saves money and also has a great cultural experience.

 Who are we?

We are a family from the Northern Beaches of Sydney who love both travelling and volunteering. We have volunteered throughout SE Asia and the Pacific Islands and have had great experiences and have met some wondeful people. We decided that we would like to help others share the same experiences and decided to build a platform to further this, and SkillStay was born!


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