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Host Listing : Australia | New South Wales | Byron Bay (REF:HT002057)

Room & food in Byron Bay farm
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What do we do ? The main faming activity is organically certified seasonal vegetables growing – so the work is mostly around soil works, planting, weeding, cropping and packing. It is mostly under and with the elements so you have to be ready to a lot of physical work . You will be taught all we know however practicing it all will depend on the length of stay .. Your Stay The ideal minimal period of stay is 4 weeks – it takes time to settle and get into the rhythm of the farm and the vegies cycle – you have to love and want it, connect with the land and have passion for growing. Surely when space is available you can stay for shorter period than 4 weeks however that can limit your experience. The Exchange The hours we ask you to work are flexible 25 per week – you will have a good say on how you want to structure your week / days and we’ll work with you – after all, it is your holiday and we want you happy, able to do other desired activities as well and coming fresh to the work day. Seasons (light hours) and weather (heavy rain or heat) may change our plans or yours, that’s why flexibility is important to all. The rooms provided are modern and fresh, located in a nice private area of the property-We will supply you with all vegetarian ingredients needed for decent feed from morning to evening but you will need to prepare your (hopefully with others) meals in the communal kitchen. Meat is fine however with consideration to other helpers that might be vegan or something
Skills Required
Gardening,Cleaning,Handywork,Cooking,Computing IT _ Development,Housework,Farming,Eco Project
Listing Start Date
Feb 6, 2016
Listing End Date
Dec 31, 2016
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Uri  L
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